Industry Insights #4 - Sync Coordinator: Phoebe Spencer

1. What is on your bucket list/what do you hope to achieve in the future?

In the future, I’d love to be music supervisor for a big film release and bring notoriety to a relatively unknown track through that.

2. What sync sticks out most in your memory and which track was used?

There are a few adverts that I remember so clearly, like the Skoda one where a team of bakers build the car out of cake and the track they used was My Favourite Things by Julie Andrews from The Sound of Music.

3. Have you ever discovered any new artists or tracks through sync?

I discovered Paolo Nutini from an episode of CSI: Miami. I remember really liking the ending song so I searched online and it was his song Rewind… but I’m so sure it was a piano cover and I’ve never found the version they used. But it got me listening to Paolo so can’t complain.

4. What are you most excited about within your role at Chromium?

Getting to be involved in some really cool projects has been exciting so I’m looking forward to doing more and seeing what comes through next. I love that although we have a dedicated area there’s still so much variety in what the music can be used for and my role is really varied as well so I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m really looking forward to experiencing studio days in the future and seeing more of the process to bring projects together.

5. Do you have any special skills or secret talents?

I have double-jointed thumbs if that counts? I can also recite the Geological Time Scale to the Eastenders theme tune thanks to Geography GCSE revision.

6. What inspired you to start a career in sync?

Honestly, I didn't really know about sync to an extent until a few years ago but visual audio media has always interested me. While I was at Uni, the more I learned about music business and the industry, the more interested I became in it - it also helped that the lecturers were so passionate and open and that definitely led me to pursue this path.

7. What was your favourite live experience and why was it so special?

I saw Tears For Fears with my parents at the O2 Arena earlier this year. ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ is one of my favourite songs of all time and getting to see it live was absolutely spectacular, especially as they walked on stage to Lorde’s cover version and then went into playing the original - just amazing!

8. What is your go-to box-set binge?

I’m awful, I have so many on the go at one time! I’ve just finished Workin' Moms and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. How To Get Away With Murder and Queer Eye are my current binges but I’m aware I’m behind. Also a big fan of Taskmaster on Dave and can't wait to binge new Big Mouth when season 3 drops.

9. What is your favourite song in the Chromium catalogue?

Currently ‘Impromptu No.1’ is my favourite for focus and relaxing - one of our recent releases. There’s so many great cinematic ones but ‘Those With Someone’ and ‘Sleep My Pretty One, Sleep’ have something special that I just love.

10. When you’re not working in the world of sync, what do you do in your spare time? Any guilty pleasures?

I like having things to look forward to in my calendar and gigs and musicals are great for that. Away from music I like an adventure day - going somewhere new like a theme park or an exhibition or trying an activity. 80s power pop is a big guilty pleasure - saxophone solos galore!

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